The gardener and the servants.

The gardener and the servants.
I wish to dedicate this space to those people who dedicate their lives to service in the homes of the rich. Obviously, many employers are not considered with their employees, and few value the performance of their duties. Taking into consideration that fact, I wish to point out, that the gardener and servants are really valuable, as employees in the homes of the rich. Imagine for a moment, the garden of a rich man’s house, without the gardening service, or the whole house, without the servitude, did you imagine it? it would be terrible! These people are worth very much and publicly I congratulate all the gardeners and the servitude committed to their work, in the faithful and efficient performance of their functions. I admire the Home Depot company, because as employers, they show their respect and appreciation to their employees, calling them associates, because really, that is what, is an employee, an associate that collaborates with their service, in the development and progress of the company. By Derwell J Fallu


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