I have only one heart.

My heart rich in gratitude to our divine creator, for having given us the enormous blessing of having in women, a true complement of life, that reason that inspires the heart, that motive that gives life to the soul; source of feelings and desires, authentic and unique reproductive element of human life. Blessed to be family elite, and give continuity to life. I acknowledge and make public knowledge the high merit of that being that God has given us to lavish love, respect and care and recognize her great role in the life of human being, wife, mother and wife. Blessed you, that in a thousand ways, insensitive and challenging men of the authority and power of God, have wanted to divest you of your virtues that only God has given you and, that through the centuries, has been so marginalized and humiliated and sometimes, denigrating in many cases, your good name. Long live the Puerto Rican Woman! May God be very blessed! May God bless Woman throughout the world! I have only one heart, but God made it big enough, so that everyone has a place in my love, regardless of race, profile of life, state or color. Congratulations! I love you big Woman.
By Derwell J Fallu


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