Sir governor.

Last Friday, I visited the southern area of our island, and what I saw I never thought would leave me so overwhelmed and so confused. The physical structure of the large electric power plants in the southern region of the country, they look so old, in noticeable deterioration and so vulnerable that it makes us think that this light, just as it is, does not work well in the short term, in addiction, the huge quantities of fuel supply tanks for maintenance and the entire operation of the system, is another way of understanding, that with the battered economy that we already have and the hundreds of thousands of people who have left the island, this Far from improving, it will get worse. I do not want to seem a pessimistic person with this review, but we are facing a reality, which we can not deny, because denying this truth will not improve anything. Another fact, very important, that we are already very close to the next cyclonic season this year, and I had observing the work done to energize in some sectors, probably because of the rapidity of the emergency, the electrical wiring is very vulnerable to any wind because of its irregular shape that has been installed. People of Puerto Rico, I have tried everything to get a meeting with the governor, since I have some ideas to share with him, and that, without doubt, could help in the titanic task of raising our country. All my attempts and efforts have been in vain. I hope that someone close to the governor who reads this message, lets him know and convinces him how important and fruitful a few minutes could be to meet with the governor for these purposes. By Derwell J Fallu.


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