Togeder forever!

No matter how far a plane can take you around the world, if the heart is the one that unites us, we will never be separated, remembering that the energetic force of the feelings of the heart, is like the waves of the satellite frequency of radio or television , that keep connected to the world in any point of the planet, so our hearts, that transcend the barriers of time and space to stay united despite the distance. I like that woman who describes your words, that makes me feel that I have participated in the great discovery of my ideal person, my complement of life in love; my soul mate; the passion burns in my soul to know that finally, the person who ended with this loneliness came, who made my life eternal winters, the one that would give the true meaning to my life, that woman who was in the mind of God as the solution to any of my problems, but above all, the one that would make me a perfect person according to the design and purpose of God for my life. I hope that God fulfills all his purpose in your life giving you success in everything that your hands and mind carry out. you do not forget, that not only are you in my mind and in my heart but also that my body waits for you in the hope of living the experience of experiencing for myself the warmth of your sensual body that will melt the blocks of ice of this frozen winter that this terrible loneliness has left me.
Yours forever,

Derwell J Fallu


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