Good! that’s the way things are, look at me as something more serious than a simple web page photograph, because in reality, I’m much more than that, I’m a real person, ready for that intelligent woman and willing to not lose the most great opportunity of your life, concerning love and feelings, because we know, that in life, we all have to make decisions, which will be very associated with the configuration of the destination we wish to choose, such as; the profession or career, with which we will ensure the best of the state of our finances, with which we will assume the commitment of our financial activity for life, also, the person with whom we have to share life, our feelings and, with the that we will pursue our dreams, purposes, desires and goals, and build the family that will support our emotional stability, and will constitute the fruit or the shoot, which will give continuity to our DNA, to the memory of what we have been in our pilgrimage for life. So, with modesty and apart, I consider myself a good match, in that sense, for that special person who has the intention and willingness to take seriously the disposition to settle on everything, that life is worth living. By Derwell J Fallu


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