The black dress, two pieces.

You talk to me about the emotion that you feel for the black dress, of two pieces that you wear, but it is so much the attractiveness of your delicate face of pretty woman, that for that reason I am so dazzled! So impressed! That I can not take my eyes away from you. Excuse me please, your dress will be nice, but it’s not just what I say, it’s also, what looking at you makes me feel inside, I can not find words that express my truth and what I feel, I do not lie! But that’s life! Who knows you think, maybe I just tell you, that your dress is beautiful and that you look great and, really, it is! But it was all more interesting and more beautiful, if more than just waiting for me to tell you, that the dress is fine and beautiful, the miracle would happen, that you feel for me and you want with me, what I feel for you and I want with you. By Derwell J Fallu


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