Under the tree.


You remember?

We were walking

It was raining

and we come to the tree

talking about nice things

it was cloudy

the rain began to fall

and we got under the tree

it was very cold,

thunder was heard

and there were lightning

You felt afraid

We hug

And to the contact

of our bodies

With the warm heat

We get warmed

It was afternoon

But it seemed at night

For all those black and gray clouds of the sky

And the torrential rain

That kept falling

Embraced and glued you and me

Together to the trunk of the tree

The water that trickled between the leaves

We were getting wet

Silently, without saying anything

Between thunder and lightning

And the sound of the rain falling

We gave each other that sweet kiss

It was like an illusion

As one who lives the experience of a ritual of love

That sensual sound

From the rain falling

It was like the melody

Of a sweet song

Song that a man sings to a woman

The noise of thunder

The lights of those lightning

And the magic of that kiss

It seemed that heaven was celebrating that love was sprouting from our hearts!

By Derwell J Fallu


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