Who likes sex?

Sex is one of the pleasures of life that promotes great emotions and passions. It seems that we all like it. The sex is so incredibly! Exciting, that there are so many men and women, who seem to only live to have sex. But hey! Families, when you look for a woman as your partner, or in the case of the woman, a man; In a relationship, the beautiful, the good, the exciting! The important things in life, besides having sex, are to share with your partner watching a television program together, watch a movie, walk through the park; go to the stores together. It is also a call just to tell you I love you and this space of absence between you and me, has helped me to miss you, many other similar things. Do not look for a partner just for having sex; do not use it as a single sex object. A relationship is much more than just that, enjoy your partner, enjoy every moment with her and discover together the goodness of life and the beauty of living. By Derwell J Fallu


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