Our world.

Dozens, and perhaps hundreds of people all over the world, are making my own lyrics, whose content can touch the life of each reader, because, they are live lyrics of themes that describe the experiences and experiences of each one. in particular, and that are very much in tune with the rhythm of life, that encourage you, if you feel sad or distressed, if you are confused or mistaken, they make you reflect. My themes come to be a summoning of my heart and my soul; a call to the conscience of all, so that our motive for life is always good; Love our inspiration, and God our reason for being. May God’s purpose for life flourish in our hearts, strengthening through love, the unity of families; promote a more just and productive society, inspired by good values and the virtues of being respectful, honest, faithful, truthful, compassionate, affectionate, attentive; in short, things like these. Leaving lies, deceit, betrayal, and all those things, which do not correspond to the good, nor to the harmony that peace generates between all and, that breaks with the estuaries types, of the sometimes barriers, of the race , color, age, economic and social condition, among others. Let’s achieve a better world for everyone. If you think you can, Share it! By Derwell J Fallu


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