Born out of love and to love.

We were all born to love and be loved. Even the reason to be born and to live must be love. In the current century that we live, there are realities of a social nature that are presented as a real problem to the interest of the union of the couple relationship. For example: The people who seek a partner, usually establish as a priority, their need for union with someone, the appearance of the physical profile, is the superficial part in which most, many people show their interest in this matter of finding a partner. But how sad when we know that people obviate the most important element related to the union of a couple, which we understand, would be the feelings; love, which is the key to tolerance, patience, fidelity and respect that both should lavish. The intention of the one who seeks to have a partner, based on the superficial aspect of the taste that results from physical attraction, rather than feelings, may even seem in some way, a discriminatory action that creates a real problem in society. By Derwell J Fallu


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