The cutest date on the calendar!

Woman, to you who are the center of my universe, I want to write you my love letter. To you woman, that you can touch my life and fill it with light. To you that you have empty love the heart hoping to be able to find me, to you You have your whole life ready for me. Here I am, to fill you with the things that you like, for what you were born, for what you have lived. I am ready for you to move away with my presence your solitude and to fill my life with joy with joy. Here, I am, woman, to be yours and you, mine, to live and write together the most beautiful love story, of which, there is never anyone known. Finally, now our destinies coincide and today finally! It is the date of the calendar, most important of the two, when your look in mine and mine in yours, we have discovered that love made us, for each other.Today begins life for you and for me and we seal with Kiss our destiny to walk together on the path of love until the end of the day. By Derwell J Fallu


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