The honesty.

The honesty.

What does honesty mean? This is a resource of the aspect of values that defines the character and personality of an accepted type of good behavior. It is said of an honest person, who does not cheat, nor tells lies; he does not disappoint or appropriate what is not his; he showed to be dishonest, when he said that he had paid more money from the account, when it really was not like that. An honest person, respects and complies with the rules of social, moral and spiritual behavior; that never gives of what to speak. An honest person, scrupulously fulfills his duty; He is an honest worker. One of the qualities that many people, who are looking for a partner for a serious relationship, include in the requirement that the person should have, is the virtue of being honest. But I think, what is disappointing, when in a page profile, a person says to be single, and it turns out that it is not. Can that be an honest behavior? If I want someone honest in my life, then I should also be honest with that someone. By Derwell J Fallu


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