Who is the power?

I believe in Christianity, as a way of life that connects souls with God, through the behavior that is a result of living the life practiced according to the laws and the commandments of the sovereign creator of all things, thus giving shape to the character and personality of the individuals who practice them. However, I consider a great waste of time, of some individuals, who only practice what suits them of the laws of the Lord, ignoring other aspects of their laws that are of equal importance to take into account. But the worst part of this is that, almost always, that kind of people who live only part of the commandments, they spend their time judging others. If many people go to church, but they borrow and do not pay, or simply send to hell the harlots, but they themselves live in fornication and adultery, if this kind of people truly, represent the holy gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ , then the gospel would be a terrible failure as a doctrine of justice and holiness. But not for that, some should feel free to think and believe that, because ordinary men, establish laws and govern countries, towns and cities, these can be above the laws of God, believing themselves masters and lords of the world. Do not forget that God created the world and all things, even humanity was created by God, which means that no one can be above the almighty. By Derwell J Fallu


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