Value life, is to see how people suffering from a terrible terminal illness, in hope ask for prayer, and wait for a miracle or perform activities to raise money to continue in hope with the treatment prescribed by the doctor; is to see people who have amputated members of their body and continue fighting in order to reintegrate themselves into society, while they seek to adapt to the unexpected drastic changes in their lives and, with all the painful things that these changes have cost them to live, they are able to thank God, the fact of being alive. Give thanks to God in everything and for everything, because this is the will of God, and, this is also the way we are going to allow him to glorify his name on us. Jesus said: If it is possible, this cup passes (this painful experience), but my will is not done. Let us not forget that all things work for good, that is to those who according to their purpose are called. By Derwell J Fallu


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