A hurricane bigger than Hurricane Maria, over Puerto Rico!

About Puerto Rico, a hurricane larger and more powerful than Hurricane Maria.

As of today, and seven months after the devastating Hurricane Maria passed through the island, Puerto Ricans are still struggling to get up from the great scourge that citizens experience.

This has been very difficult, since, we were already going through a disaster greater than that left us by the reckless Hurricane Maria.

Politicians, who for years have entrusted our resources and the future destiny better for the people, have handled politics very badly in the socioeconomic aspect and have pledged the country and committed our assets, plunging the country into a monstrous debt, which we find it impossible to pay.

This irresponsible and inept way of managing our resources and social policy has brought us terrible consequences in the business sector, in the educational aspect, in the aspect of social behavior, in health and in any other sense of our life as a people.

In this situation, hundreds of companies have had to close operations, thousands of students of all categories in schools and universities, have left the island. Faced with the harsh reality of the increase in unemployment statistics, around 450,000 people of the nearly 3,000,000 Puerto Ricans have left the country.

Hundreds of professionals of all categories, have migrated from the island in search of a better future. The high cost of living makes the existence of those who remain here unsustainable. The people who try to lift the country from the crisis and put us back on the path of progress, seem to move away from that reality every day with every wrong decision with which they only manage to destabilize the people’s trust, which means that less people are inspired by the interest of investing and in business. So, many people are still thinking of leaving the island in search of a better destination for their future.

When it still seemed that we were stable, and there were still the thousands of people who left, to square the payroll of the fiscal year, it was a very difficult task to achieve the 8, or 9,000,000,000

millions for those purposes every year.

To that, we now have to add the 3,000,000,000 million to meet the public debt incurred. You do not have to be a professional in the field of finance to understand the seriousness of the case in which Puerto Ricans are immersed.

I know that many people do not seem to understand our reality and before the announcement of the closure of schools, they think of it as a political action of mistaken personal interest, but our reality is different. Thousands of students have gone, the income from collections for which the government should operate, has been substantially reduced and expenses continue to increase very much above what the country is actually producing.

For an example, just think a little about our energy system. With a millionaire debt, the AEE, also continues its operational expenses at the same rate as if there were thousands of subscribers before leaving the island. But you have to rethink, that now there are thousands of subscribers that have ceased to be, not only because they left, but also because many, before our fragile energy system, have opted for a renewable energy system, we must add those that in some way they take the electric power service for free.

Those who are trying to administer the resources of the island, I can assure you, that they are going crazy because they do not find much to do to find a viable outlet for the monster of the crisis that puts our country in a collapse.

In this situation that we live citizens, I have imagined our island without the millionaire aid that we still receive from the United States for the different departments of health, family, housing among many others and that are a priority. Oh! My God, it would be greater chaos. Have not you thought about it?

I write to you about these realities so that we can reflect, so that when we realize the gravity of the matter that is present, we can understand once and for all that neither Ricardo Rossello nor any other political party can take us out of the hole. that the politicians have gotten us, but only God could help us to see the light of the path of progress, because we must not forget that his ineptitude and his terrible way of managing our resources, has not only served to immerse us in the greater crisis that we have known for generations, but that have been responsible for getting away from God. By Derwell J Fallu


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