Thank you Mom!

Thank you Mom, Blessed are you of God, among all of you, you were a room and residence for life and your heart, divine source of love that inspires me with the security and courage that I need to face my destiny in this life, and in my pilgrimage on my path to the eternal. Thank you Mom because you are for me, the star that shines the most in my sky, loving you is my greatest satisfaction and, not only, you are the meaning of my life, but also, the inspiration that I have to respect, value, admire and to love the most beautiful, wonderful and good being, who not only placed God beside us as a companion of life, but also gives us life and is for me my most beautiful and great resource for love to be accomplices throughout the life of a destination. I love you Mom, thank you for the life and for the love, that has made of me, the person that I am now. By Derwell J Fallu


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