May God catch us confessed!

Good Morning! World, since I can reason for myself and consciously, through time, I have only heard in the present tense, “Things are bad” what it seems to mean, that the times we lived in the past, were better than the current times. Particularly, in my country, this has been and still is. In a way, technological advances have not been very efficient in the harmonization of human relations, nor in health and global security, and perhaps not in many other aspects of life. This chaotic situation is definitely the fulfillment of the biblical prophecies about the increase of the sciences in the last days, the wars, rumors of wars, peace and security, the times will come from bad to worse, among others. For all that is happening worldwide, I think that we are approaching the fulfillment of the most relevant prophecies about God and humanity and that it has to do with the second coming of Christ, the imminent uprising of the church, the judgment of sinners and all who forget God and in a general sense, the time of the end of all things. May God catch us confessed! By Derwell J Fallu


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