A call to citizenship!

Puerto Ricans and all people living on the island, live to an alarming degree of vulnerability to any eventuality natural and / or atmospheric, so, each citizen, should take early, due precautions to prepare us for the proximity of the next cyclonic season. We must take into account the battered local economy, our saturated geographic system, the vulnerable energy system and, to top it all, the community aid agency known as, (FEMA) has told us not to be prepared at this time, to face another event like Hurricane Maria. Then it’s up to all of us, knowing that we can not depend on the government, taking the actions and measures that serve to maintain our survival in the face of any eventuality. So, in the face of this reality, sooner rather than later, we must store sturdy food, gas stoves, battery sets and things like these. It’s not a good idea to wait for the last hour. May God help us! By Derwell J Fallu


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