Exemplary loves!

The stories of love, which have left their traces well marked as a past of dreams and that have to be remembered in our present and that will surely remain alive in the memory and the memory of other generations that will come, should serve to inspire us to the experience and the realization of those loves that remain forever as living and good examples that have to be remembered in history. The love that springs from the heart and the soul and that is equally reciprocated, is the one that is worth living. Because the proverb, the wise Solomon, already said it; vanity of vanities, everything is vanity. The man of the 1000 women and concubines, was very conscious, that, only one, his heart truly occupied love; The Sunamita. Because one is one who loves my soul, my dove; my beloved, he said. And one will also be the woman, who with love will complete my life. By Derwell J Fallu


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