Seven months after the disaster, we still have not gotten up from the knockout

Before the announcement of the meteorological service, of the imminent passage through the island of the devastating Hurricane Maria, I went out to prevent and persuade the citizens so that they will take the necessary precautions and not expose themselves to the dangerousness represented by the announced Hurricane. I also used all the social media online, but my heart shrank a lot when some people told me that it was not necessary to do anything, because that would not happen on the island, I even knew someone who said that with Puerto Rico, nobody can. When good advice is not enough to persuade and prevent stubborn people and the most skeptical, then the events of one’s experiences will do so. So, I hope that there is no doubt left to any Puerto Rican, that God can do much good or very badly to the country according to our behavior and behavior. By Derwell J Fallu


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