I support education, because through teaching, it is possible to achieve better and more useful citizens. Because through the worthy exercise of teaching, immediate jobs are created that could contribute to improving the quality of life and the socio-economic development of the peoples. However, on our island there are realities of a political and economic nature, which directly affect the infrastructure of our country’s education system, in which it is necessary to establish responsibly priorities aimed at the creation of an educational reform that is in line with those of the changes and of the unforeseen of what we have been subjected in recent years by governmental administrative failures and, by the negative effects that have left us the atmospheric phenomena that have impacted our island in this time.

Among the constant mistakes made by our leaders and rulers, we can highlight the lack of initiative, or the irresponsibility of not communicating or informing the citizen about the reality of the facts, and not calling those who represent the different organizations Community and that have to do with the issue or issues in question, so that they take part in the search for solutions and alternatives that can be used as corrective tools. The secrecy and silence, in these cases, only creates confusion, distrust that promotes confusion and chaos. The leader and the ruler should not forget that in all matters, there is no better adviser or adviser than the people who elected them. By Derwell J Fallu


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