Breast implants and buttocks!

Do you know what I believe? That life and living can be more difficult, when we are not able to love ourselves, to think or believe that by some nature in our physical form, it might seem that we do not like others. Many people think that love is a thing of faces and beautiful figures and perhaps for that reason, many seek perfection with implants of breast, pectorals and buttocks, waist with carved surgeries and even profiled noses. But our reality is, that today, it scares to know the statistics of beautiful divorced women, I know of some, that up to seven times they have remarried and it is not because getting married many times is a good thing. Do you know what I believe? That love is not something that gives birth to beautiful faces or figures, because if so, why do they divorce so much, and are they so unhappy, beautiful people? By Derwell J Fallu


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