Politicians are like magicians.

This of the blackouts could be a psychological trick of the politicians to destabilize and mentally confuse the people, in order to take control of their will and their emotions, to take advantage of their fears to negotiate at auction price the Energy Authority Electric and get away with it, sharing their slices, product of the sale and delivering the dead to the people to bury, as they have been doing for years. You can not rule anything out, with politicians, you never know! They are not sincere, they lie, they almost never face the people with the truth, because for them the rodeo, the make-up is easier, because they are like magicians, always wanting the lie to look true! From what we have seen, our politicians no longer care about the country, nor do they care about the people. Every chance they have, they steal what they can and the country and our people, that sink! Let it be! By Derwell J Fallu


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