A friend told me: “he who leaves, it is not necessary”. Perhaps this saying is useful for those who do not have loved ones, for those who are not merchants or have businesses.

There is a marked difference between those who know about marketing growth techniques and one who is an expert in public policy. It would be an excellent fact, if a combination of both skills could be achieved.

But equally, it can be a tragedy when someone who undertakes some important business and is an excellent politician, but knows nothing about marketing and, on the other hand, a head of state who only knows about marketing but absolutely nothing about public policy. .

Unfortunately, these seem to be the cases of our realities in the United States and Puerto Rico. It seems that President Donald Trump, is a successful businessman and without doubt, also the banker José Carrión, it is.

But I am afraid that neither of them seems to be good at public policy skills, which can be tragic in terms of successfully and safely leading the destinies of a people or country.

In cases of not having the ability and political preparation for the conduct of a country, there is the alternative of having the advice that could successfully achieve the objective (s), provided that the choice of advisors is one of success. positive

However, there is the difficulty, that when a person who does not know about public policy has been chosen to lead a country, but does know about marketing and is richly wealthy, its financial influence could interfere in the possibility of obtaining good advice, is that the power that money has, very often, often distract and divert the purpose in different formats.

Regarding Puerto Rico, the Fiscal Control Board, as an agency that takes part in the public policy agenda of the country, and according to the draft of the reform that it has presented as an administrative resource, I predict that this, if it is carried out, as it has been configured, it will be a failure. A very high percentage of taxpayers and consumers and those who support the local economy will leave, which would aggravate our battered economy even more.

By Derwell J Fallu


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