Attention! Fiscal Control Board.

Attention! Fiscal Control Board.

Mr. Carrión, gentlemen members of the Fiscal Control Board, try to implement a fiscal plan inspired by finding a viable way out of the crisis facing the country, based on the experience of some other case of some State of the Union and without taking into account the geographical location of Puerto Rico, it could be considered that a significant issue would be eluded and that it has a relevant importance in relation to the success or failure of the plan.

A plan that does not contemplate that Puerto Ricans have guarantees of jobs and accessibility to basic services, such as water, electricity, health plans, education among others, will not work if it is contemplated based on the experience of a similar situation experienced in another State.

The reasons are the following: Puerto Ricans do not participate in equal rights with other States of the American Union, the, or the States in question, would be within the same territory of the American Union and therefore, citizens would have many options without having to leave the territory.

In the case of Puerto Rico, when the economic situation worsens, as a result of establishing unsustainable fiscal reforms, the resource of Puerto Ricans is migration. And if citizens migrate, any tax plan based on the census of the population that taxes and consumes, as well as, based on the business sector, the forecast of results is predictable. We already lived this under the government of Alejandro Gracia Padilla. By Derwell J Fallu


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