Attention! Press and all news media.

The Home World of All

So, because we are all born and live on this planet, we are citizens of the world, and it is our responsibility, to protect and care for it always. As vulnerable as our world can be to destruction due to misbehavior and misuse by some people consciously, ill-intentioned or not, environmental protection groups have been set up, with the vision of raising awareness among citizens, and instruct about those things that may be favorable to conserve our planet in an optimal condition of being habitable, and prevent about what could contribute to the destruction of our world. We must all be educated about the management of waste and garbage, because this will depend to a large extent on the quality of the health aspect of the world population, but also, the way in which we use natural resources such as mining. , the forests; the management of water and animals. Even the fields used for the cultivation of food require an awareness management in order to conserve the agricultural productivity supplies in conditions favorable to collective health and avoid significant damage to the environment.
It is not less important to raise awareness about the measures that must be taken before and after natural phenomena. Knowing that depending on the nature of the same, we can face various problems that can constitute a serious threat to collective health and significant damage to the environment. The supervision that must be had on the industrialists, constructors, cattlemen; scientists, poultry companies, among others, must be constant and highly qualified, since many of these, for reasons purely selfish and irresponsible, can potentially contribute to the pollution of the environment, achieving an atmosphere dangerously harmful to health. A constant vigilance accompanied by efficient instruction that helps to conserve the animal species in danger of extinction, and that must create awareness about what are the resources and elements that have to be heritage of our world, must also be part of an informative news resource that awakens the interest and conscience of citizens. On the other hand, there are the intelligence services agencies, which must function with a quality of monitoring and vigilance always active focused on the detection of any international or local event, that may arise from sick minds that try to execute some type of activity of massive destruction.

The work carried out, people and agencies to conserve and safeguard our planet, are unprecedented events, therefore, the collective cooperation of all the citizens of the world is required, so that we have the maximum effectiveness in the use and execution of these means. Finally, I want to leave well established in the minds of all my readers, that laws play an extraordinarily important role, not only in what concerns the conservation of the planet. The role of laws that governments, under the supervision of the different agencies that execute them, have a common goal, and that is, to maintain a balance of equity and justice, in all social activity and in the state of coexistence of the citizens. On the other hand, the spiritual laws, which are established by the author and creator of the universe {God} whose purposes, in addition to establishing fairness and justice among humans, determine the values that define the attitude quality are not less important. and personality that make up the character of individuals. As well as, it is, nevertheless, the function of a resource that measures the degree of faith and obedience that men can pay to their divine creator

The purpose of this space is to raise awareness of the responsibility that each individual must assume as a citizen of the world, in the collaboration of protecting and caring for our planet, the conductivity of the state of coexistence of individuals as a society. If this fulfills our objective in each reader, then it has achieved satisfaction, having contributed in this way, with the commitment we have with our planet and the world society. Let this be my legacy of goodwill for the world and that the merit of all the good that this project can be, in terms of contributing positively for humanity and the planet, is only for our divine creator. By Derwell J Fallu


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