Executioners! Killers of dreams and hopes.

Executioners! Killers of dreams and hopes.

Today I could not sleep! If my life meant sleeping, eating and having fun, then I would already be fulfilled!

But living is more than just that. It is also, to worry about others. Feel how our neighbor feels.

And I know, like me, many suffer from the terrible situation that is happening to the people of our island. How can we sleep, when we see people who do not care about the welfare of our people, more than just their own personal interests.

When one hears about proposals such as José Carrión and his Fiscal Control Board, to increase rates here and there and to cut benefits to people who can hardly subsist on the little they receive, not only, we see the poor capacity of leadership, but the insensibility of people who do not show the slightest spirit of love for their neighbor.

The corrupt leaders, insensitive and inept, led the country to collapse and are the same people who continue to squeeze us to get the last drop of blood!

Executioners! They kill the economy of a whole country, they kill their hopes and they pepper our dreams. Listen to Carrión say, that they have the best economists: for what? To see where they can get money to satisfy their personal interests, but not the people’s? They have been doing this for years, and that is not exactly what Puerto Rico needs.

Alejandro Garcia Padilla, told me one day that he had the best in the world, in the field of bonds. And what did they achieve? That hundreds of businesses and businesses will close operations, that an unprecedented exodus of Puerto Ricans, will migrate to other countries for a better future, which, what their excellent financiers would propitiate to the country. Total chaos!

Carrión, Fiscal Control Board, you are more of the same, your projection is very clear; look for money from anywhere, no matter whom they get entangled in order to meet the creditors’ checkbook. But why do not you look for those monies in those who embezzled and robbed them? Why does the decent, hard-working people have to pay what someone else stole?

Enough of abuses! Look for your number and work to create real alternatives of progress for the country. By Derwell J Fallu


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