Human relations.

Human relations

The human relations, suppose the treatment that we must have with the other people with whom we relate, either, in the school, work; in any place or the various means we have to communicate, interact and interact with people. Test. It would qualify as very good behavior before others, if we consider the following applicable elements: a). Respect. The word respect comes from the Latin respectus and means “attention” or “consideration”. According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), respect is related to the veneration or compliance that is done to someone. Respect includes consideration, consideration and deference. ). Courtesy. c) Amiability. d). Cordiality. and). Prudence. F). Have good manners. g). Educated Make notes to define the meaning of each of these words. And others similar to these. These words are forms and styles of behavior that individuals must adopt, to convert them into a daily practice in our way of relating to people, since they are part of the positive attitude or behavior that we must assume and that identifies the profile of a person. citizen, very well qualified. So, every parent concerned about the success and good education of their children, will start by administering these values to their children, with the vision of turning them into good men and women. To expand your knowledge, the meaning of these topics, and greater certainty for its application, the use of a dictionary is recommended. This work has been edited, designed and produced, by Derwell, in his interest and concern to give support and help to this important institution, as is the family. I hope I could have contributed, at least a little. By Derwell J Fallu


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