Sad reality.

Because of the enormous challenges and commitments demanded by the activity and the life together as a couple, I express myself in total disagreement with the parents and guardians who feed the teenagers and children, the permission of the illusion of falling in love. I consider that this type of behavior of some parents and / or guardians is an irresponsible behavior, since as parents or guardians, part of the commitment with their children, is to educate them and prepare them to wait their time and be ready for this stage of life, in its moment. First, because the love of a couple, is a matter strictly for adults who are in all capacity to assume responsibilities of two who have decided that they must unite their lives through the sacred bond of love. Second, because love is not an illusion, but a feeling in which the lives of two people are committed who have a clear vision of that, in this state, the responsibility and commitment of the behavioral quality of life are involved, that must be assumed as a couple, in order to contribute positively to society and, thirdly, because no child or adolescent has the mental, emotional or economic capacity, with which he can responsibly assume the emotions and challenges that It is presumed that couples have to face each other. Many adolescents and children who are part of the statistics of premature parents, in other words, (of adolescents and children giving birth and raising children), are a direct responsibility of parents who have not managed to responsibly handle this and other issues related to your responsibility in guiding and raising your children. Much of the picture of the social picture of the poor and negative life of the behavioral type that we live in the present, can be said to be due to this sad reality and this we must add the high rate of single mothers in the world society, as a part of degeneration in the commitment that parents must fulfill in relation to the guidance and upbringing of their children. By Derwell J Fallu


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