Clear eyes like clear waters of clean rivulets; soul that sighs for the love of your dreams, thirsty heart, like a bird that flies by water in the dryness of that desert; walking and seeking in hope the love with whom you will share your life, while walking on the path of time, through that, through which souls go until the end of time. You who sleep during the night, you have him for you in your dreams, until the sun rises, because when the day comes, it is another story, when waking life, loneliness whispers to you that with the arrival of light of a new day, you have to keep looking, to whom only at night in your dream, when you slept you had. Life is just a mirage when we sleep, and it is so easy to believe that we have everything we want when we are asleep, but when we wake up we will know if life is real, or if a lie, fight to live your dreams while awake while you live , because to live sleeping dreams, life is a mirage. By Derwell J Fallu


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