The country, it gives to all!

The country, it gives to all!

I do not know if curious or if worrying. The meticulous analysis about the resources of the country, the people and those who are paid to manage the existing resources and all the island’s heritage.

The people live, fight and work becoming the largest income force that stimulates the treasury and the treasury of the country. A small minority group studies and trains in important areas such as politics, economics among others and reveals or expresses their aspirations to represent the people as public servants in the management and administration of the country’s affairs and resources.

For which, and through the holding of elections, many of them are chosen to be hired to serve the people through different offices and departments. We are not surprised to see how each of these individuals, during their service periods, becomes rich due to the high salaries they earn and because, in addition, many become greedy and greedy by embezzling and stealing the money of working people.

But when we have sensitivity in the heart to love and feel for others and we see so many people in need but neglected by these public servants and how, increasingly, we see impoverished our working people, we ask ourselves: The resources of the country are not enough for all ? What do these people have in their hearts that stimulate poverty and oppress the people who work, while they give themselves the good life at the expense of the work, strength and pain of our people? The good people, the good treasure of the heart brings out good things, but the faith and hope of the people in the politicians and public servants, every time we are more extinguished like a candle that is melted by fire.

By Derwell J Fallu


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