The pain of a people!

Today my people expressed their pain and the indication they feel for the abuses and insensitivity of those who oppress us, those who stole and misappropriated the money and resources of our island. The stunned by the pain we feel does not allow us to understand, how is it that there is no of these who have the opportunity to take the reins of the destiny of our country, someone capable, sensible and truly wise, to do something really good and useful for our town! Every time they think, plan, say and do something, it is only to disturb the peace of the working people, to fill our hearts with much pain and to plunge the country more and more into misery, poverty and despair. It is as if a curse fell on the whole country because of the greedy and greedy leaders who have only served to destroy our future and indebt our island. May God have mercy on us and help us! By Derwell J Fallu


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