A new threat to the future of Puerto Rico!

A new threat to the future of Puerto Rico!

I do not know whether to laugh or cry; If I believe or worry, when we hear politicians in Puerto Rico, talking about creating proposals for economic development, talking about the modification of the cabotage law, as a resource for economic projection, the latter could be, but the disturbing reality of the debacle fiscal, which is lived in Puerto Rico, is irrefutable evidence of the insensitivity and ineptitude of all responsible politicians who, with their incapacity for leadership and greedy hearts, have plunged the country into this terrible debt that has led to the collapse of the economic system of the island. It is a tragic combination of greedy and inept, by those who have not managed and managed and by those who have been diverted and embezzle the money of the people. What difference would there be, if more money, if more resources went into the government coffers? Because by inept and greedy, many of our politicians hanged themselves. As if everything that is happening to us is not enough, as a greater threat to what can still be left of Puerto Rico, there are those who have not been able to get an opportunity through the traditional political parties, and They launch as independents to see if they can thus achieve their opportunity to satisfy their selfish ambitions. What can you do for Puerto Rico, any that do not have a good relationship and the approval of the United States Congress of North America? Judge you! By Derwell J Fallu


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