She was cold, like an icy winter!

Look from head to toe,

She was pretty like an Egyptian queen,

of tender look, of a pretty smile.

She was sensuous like the rain,

She looked at me and I looked at her

the wind was shaking her hair,

but my soul was filled with doubt,

because although my heart was burning,

my body felt its ice. It was cold from where the volcano is born,

there was no ash, there was nothing on the ground.

It was beautiful,

but love is not enough for beauty!

You have to have the match, which lights the fire to the heart,

that spark that lights your life

and that you feel close

even what you are far away. Love her!

It fills the soul and the heart with so many fears,

because she is one of those winters

that love extinguishes fire,

She is lava from a dead volcano, which no longer erupts,

and that the soul can kill his inspiration. By Derwell J Fallu


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