The nature of the woman, is unique, who understands the importance and great value of the woman, will understand that God designed her, not only to complement the life of man and be a source of happiness for him, but also, the woman It fulfills the idea of God’s perfect purpose for creation. We know that there are people all over the earth, who try to alter the divine order of God’s purpose with man and woman in a relentless challenge to the sovereignty of the eternal creator of the universe, men of medical science have made adjustments to try to refine the nature of a man, in order to try to turn him into a woman, to the degree, that even build her vagina and make them increase the bust like that of a real woman. But in spite of this, only an original woman fulfills God’s divine purpose for the reproduction of the human race and for the nature of the original man, because every man truly knows that God made enough women for all men. Thank you woman for existing, because without you, the life of man would not make sense. Thank you God for the woman. By Derwell J Fallu


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