Universidad RP

I was interviewed by students of the UPR of Río Piedras, a few months after the passage of Hurricane Maria, they asked me if I believed in the number or number of deaths that the government had revealed, I answered no. They asked me what if less or if more; I told him more. They asked me if a thousand, I answered that much more than that, probably several thousand. Why I believed that, I told him that by logic, the power of the phenomenon, the unusual duration; had covered the 100×35, had collapsed the entire energy system of the country, the country was totally incommunicado and, what was worse, many no longer believed in the service meteorologist, because they had previously announced some other phenomena with the possibility of entry to the island and at the end they announced that the phenomena were diverted. That created a false faith or trust in many, which caused them not to take the necessary precautions, which in turn took many people off guard without being able to do anything at the last minute. Why do you think the government does not tell the truth about the death toll? Some say that because that could compromise the government economically and I say that due to the lack of communication due to the collapse of the mobile and domestic telephone companies and the interruption of the energy system for so long, the government could not count on the resources to know or know early the real statistics of deaths as a result of Hurricane, and also, by the circumstances in which the country was, many deaths would come to be even in the course of days, as a direct consequence of the passage of Hurricane. They asked me how of what types: aggravation due to health problems, psychological problems that would lead to death. Etc. It does not surprise me if today they say that the deaths as a result of the passage of Hurricane Maria, surpass the thousands. That, not only saw by the logic, but I said it and it was documented in a video that the university students of the UPR of Río Piedras have. And that’s good! That Harvard came to draw these conclusions, so that President Donald Trump, have no doubt, that Hurricane Maria left a real disaster in Puerto Rico and, to 9 months, still in Puerto Rico suffer from the ravages left by the fearsome hurricane Maria. By Derwell J Fallu


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