Like an ocean!

The impression my heart took yesterday exceeded the limits of my feeling, of my mind; I imagined and my soul was flooded with sublime inspiration and the impression was so much! Like the many waters of the oceans; impressive beauty! The one that emanated from your inside and was reflected in your angelic face and that light in your eyes, so beautiful and so intense, as if a star from heaven on earth illuminated my soul. See that beautiful image of your portrait from head to toe, how much magic! How much beauty! And what power! For what I can not avoid, that, from this blessed feeling, my heart will be filled and my soul will travel through the worlds of illusion. Oh! Woman of disturbing charms, of a smile of ivory white, of a captivating look, you are that light that illuminates the way of man in his life, the match that ignites my heart the flame, that woman companion and accomplice of my destiny by the that my life cries out By Derwell J Fallu


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