Good morning!

Good Morning!

Eternal love.

This morning when I open my eyes to the experience

of a new day, there is nothing that can

overcome emotion

that I feel, when I think

that the best of my day is you.

Well since I finally found you,

You are the most beautiful thing in my life,

and you are my great motive, my great

reason to be and to live.

That’s why I love you so much! What if

were possible,

before you start to work


of this new day, I want to leave you with this

in mind;

That you, and only you, are the

greater good

of my life

since you finally arrived and until the

end of

the days. May the beginning of this new day,

give you the emotion that I feel when I think of you

mine, and my great need to tell you:

my love I love you, daddy

God bless you and guard you

forever! By

Derwell J Fallu

The most who loves you.


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