It is time to change the world!


Our world has been bombarded in recent centuries implacably, by the sophisticated mass media, such as: radio, television, print, publishers of books and magazines and the global and satellite monster of the Internet. with toxic and harmful messages that promotes and increases violence and wars, in some cases, racial hatred, tactics to steal, rob, assault, kill; for fraud, to promote pornography, the theft of children to sell their innocence to the highest bidder, abusers and heartless sexual predators. Resources that promote infidelity in the relationships of couples, drugs, arms trafficking, juvenile delinquency, prostitution, adultery and divorce; dirty and cheap politicking, just to mention a few.

Our world is submerged in the rotten and stinking mud of those unhealthy potholes and that corrupts good morals and calms the heart, cauterizing the conscience and destroying the human sensibility, plucking from the heart, from rennet, the virtue of true love.

I am making a serious call to all those who are committed to the truth, to good and to social justice, so that we take the pertinent actions that must stop and cleanse our world of so much dirt of souls and hearts, producers of radio, television , press, editors, writers, poets and poetesses; creators of portals and sites of the intranet, people of governments, actors of the cinema and television, we must change the negative message for a really good and positive message, with a content that builds and builds. It is simple! This can change the course of our world and return us to the right path and put us on the path back to God.

Note: please share this message with your relatives, relatives and friends. We are going to make this message run and be known throughout the world, it’s time to change the world, I’m counting on you!

I am Derwell J Fallu

and approve this message.


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