The one that fills me!

Life paints you with poetry,

because that’s you,

a poem made woman,

every part of you, a verse that I would like to recite

and the land on which you tread, a canvas,

the world, a majestic painting,

and in it, you the great work of art,

of beautiful panoramic view

that delights all those who look at you,

the sensual sound of your words,

it is heard like rain that falls at dawn,

There is so much tenderness in your voice

that my heart shudders inside my chest

disturbing my thoughts

and I can not explain what I’m feeling here inside

I look at you, and you are all beautiful,

your eyes, your hair, your mouth, for God’s sake!

that can be bigger than your love, that your beauty

to have you, is to have everything

who can talk about loneliness if you are with me

If you are the one who fills my days, the ideal person, my complement of life.

By Derwell J Fallu


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