The laws that govern and regulate the state of coexistence of the people of a country must be in complete harmony with the will of God and with the existing laws of the creator of the world, since not only does it establish the laws that govern the universe but, that also, it establishes laws to the humans that define the limits of the freedom and the conduct that we must assume. Believers, devotees and conservatives, who are clear, on this issue, should not complain when at the time of going to the polls, choose those who will direct the destinies of the country and the people, incompetent people who for their ambition to money and their unbridled desire for power, they are capable of the unimaginable; they are agents of corruption without fear or respect for God or his laws, which far from increasing social justice, progress, peace and success, plunge the country into misery, steal the money of the people, disturb the spiritual peace to people and destabilize the standards of moral and social behavior, creating real uncertainty and chaos. By Derwell J Fallu


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