More than just beauty!

A beautiful woman, well cared for, is always impressive to everyone’s eyes. However, impression of beauty is not enough to achieve a successful relationship. The human vanity; both in men and women, sometimes constitutes a reason for competition in the aspect of conquest, leaving aside, what really matters and is worth more when looking for a partner for a relationship. Being with someone as a couple seems like a simple matter, but really, it is not. This is very complicated, because when the reason that unites them is different from the genuine mutual feeling of love, it is a matter of time for the relationship to end in boredom, or in a relatively uncomfortable situation for both of them. It can be observed that the influence of physical attractiveness does not matter; This is not enough, for the effective functioning in a relationship. It is necessary to take into account that, when sharing life as a couple, other aspects of life are also shared, such as; the financial activity of daily life, all the circumstantial events and the responsibility that both must assume as protagonists of the family profile before society and themselves, when the children arrive. So, that, this makes it very clear, that the relationship of a couple, is something that must be contemplated with a very serious sense of responsibility, and beyond the vision that can motivate physical attractiveness, we must agree on mutual love , purposes, dreams and goals that both have to pursue and achieve together. By Derwell J Fallu


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