You do not limit the power of your mind.

Success is for positive people and those who dream big. In the primitive times, the dreamer people, left their traces with creativity without limit, among many other things, we can see it in the monstrous and amazing structures of sophisticated constructions, when there were no instruments and tools, that we have today for architecture and all engineering work. In modern times, people have continued to give free rein to the imagination, and today the human mind has changed the way we see life and see the world. The key has been; imagine, believe and execute. What has shown that the power of the mind, has no limits for those who can believe. Someone imagined and believed in electricity as an energy, which could change many aspects of life. He got it and checked it; someone one day believed in the communication through the telegraph, the telephone, in the way of navigating over and under the waters of the sea and the rivers; Someone thought of how to move through cars and how to conquer airspace, with airplanes and spaceships. They imagined it, they believed it and they executed it. The Internet is another example of the success of great dreamers. Stagnant-minded people are a wasted resource, invaded by conformism that generates doubt, that does not let you conceive big dreams, or develop the power of creativity. If God made us, in his image, according to his likeness, it means that we can be ingenious and wise; if God said, that for him who believes everything is possible, it is not his fault, if we let doubt mine our minds, denying us, in that way, the opportunity to be creative and dream big, to see how, in each thing what we say and do, the name of our divine and powerful maker, is glorified. By Derwell J Fallu


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