Love of woman.

Love of woman.

You are the most beautiful and good thing that God did for me. How to imagine without you my life, how a place can be nice, a moment, if you are not; If I do not have you. If you are not the one who fills my life, the one that floods my heart with the magic of the good of your love, with the sweetness of your grace, with the passion of the kisses of your honey lips with the sensual of all your charms of woman. If you are not that special person in my life, tell me, how can I describe the beauty of living, the beauty of life. If it is not for you to find the reason the heart to feel and to love, if you are not my soul’s inspiration, tell me how can without the muse that inspires me, poetry be born from my soul; how to sing the song of the singer of loves, if you are not the one that makes you feel for you to the heart, and find to beat and to live more than a thousand reasons. By Derwell J Fallu


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