Every day are not the same; there are clear days with clear skies, other days are gray, very rainy, cloudy. The issue is, that each day is different from one another. They have the right to lose and win, those who bet; those who play and in the game of life nothing is written, because every day has its own eagerness. The pessimists limit their lives to the obvious, they do not go beyond logical reasoning and what their eyes can see. But life and living is much more than just that, our mind can be bigger than the world, that the sky, that the universe, not forgetting, that in its image and likeness, made us the eternal, we do not encapsulate our thoughts to the fears of failing because of not wanting to try. Try! Even if you fall and get up again; that’s what life is about, of falls, of rises, but if you do not try it for fear of failing, you will never know, if what could have been, it was not. That you long to achieve your dream, be bigger and stronger than all your fears, but try! Do not stay with the doubt, do not stay without knowing it; Because of your fear of failure, do not stay without obtaining it. By Derwell J Fallu



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