Compendio de Temas Reflexivos y Sabios Consejos para Meditar

People who are fed with good reading, will grow strong in wisdom and knowledge and the hope of the world will be sustained by keeping solid, giving and guaranteeing emotional, economic, political, social and psychological stability to the citizens of the world. ‘~ Fragment of “Compendium of thoughtful topics and wise advice to meditate”. Derwell J Fallu

According to Fallu, his book is interesting because ‘it is a tool that can undoubtedly be very useful in any aspect of the reader’s life’, as well as being relevant in today’s society due to the fact of ‘managing and educating on aspects such as feelings, what is home and family, good conduct in political affairs, leadership in spiritual matters, in the aspect of finance, in relation to social life and also on the responsibility of all as citizens of the world, among others.’

“Compendium of reflective topics and wise advice to meditate” is much more than a textbook, it is a manual of wise advice to help and guide in many aspects of life. It is a tool, a therapeutic resource that can inspire or motivate, as well as teach, instruct or train. In addition, he is an accomplice to help us with his reflective notes in difficult and adverse circumstances.

For more information about this book go to the link About the author Derwell J Fallú of San Juan, Puerto Rico, He is a professional in the area of digital telephony over the Internet. Writer, composer and poet, he has won several honorary poetry awards. He is currently finishing the writing of his novel “Between love and pain”.

Compendium of Reflective and Wise Topics Tips for Meditating * by Derwell J Fallú Volume 1

Date of publication: 6/20/2015 Softcover; $ 38.95; 96 pages; ISBN 9781506506098 Electronic book; $ 3.99; ISBN 9781506506104

To request a courtesy copy in softcover contact Palibrio Marketing Services at 877.407.5847 (free from the US), 01.800.288.2243 (free from Mexico), 900.866.949 (free from Spain) or +1.812.671.9757 ( from another country). To purchase copies of the book for resale call the same numbers or send a fax to + 1.812.355.1576 (fax from the USA) or to 900.866.949 (fax from Spain).

For more information contact Palibrio to the previous numbers or visit http://www.Palibrio.como at 787 980 5028 By Derwell J Fallu


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