Follow your dreams. That road seems endless
the one of the route of your dreams
walk and see there in the distance
that there is still nothing
but although much is in time
and the space everything you’ve covered
you do not lose hope
to find that
for what you have lived,
since you remember
you go after that treasure of life
walking and looking for what
that will give meaning to your life
sometimes you lose the way
and the flame of your faith
it seems to be extinguished
but your desire to be free
it is not the one of those who surrender
and you get up
walking firm
knowing that what you are looking for
It is not in the way traveled,
but to travel
that the target of your goal
still in front
and that only you will live
the experience of the beautiful and the good
when you finally achieve
achieve your dream
By Derwell J Fallu


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