Love can provide happiness, that money never. If people were diligently dedicated to giving love, rather than striving to accumulate material wealth, without doubt, we would have a happy and really rich world. The key to true happiness is love. Yesterday I saw a family man, who was walking down the street, who seemed very worried and unhappy, my love for my neighbor, he made me call him and share some money with him and I put some food in his hands. I saw the light of happiness, which illuminated his face. it was not the things that I shared with him, the ones that caused that moment of happiness, but the love that made me see the need in my neighbor and gave me the reason to share. When we love, we will always find reasons, to worry about others and to alleviate the pain and pain of our neighbor. Love is what will make the difference, between misery and happiness. When there is true love, with little we will do much. By Derwell J Fallu


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