Edit my life

I have a friend, in social networks, who one day proclaimed to the world to have found the love of her life; her dreamed prince, the man with whom she supposedly would be immensely happy, a gentleman from among those who passed her by telling her pretty things on her page profile. She chose, the one that she liked the most. And everything, in principle, was a paradise, and a whole blue sky with white clouds carried by the wind. That was posting pictures and shouting to the world her, every day how happy she was with her new conquest. Very little time passed, when happiness was over; a life disappointed and a heart hurt. It happens that many people today, want to show that they have conquered attractive, beautiful appearance, sculptural bodies, because they want to let their vanity be noticed and very established. But as I said before, love is another thing; love is not enough beauty, there must be the match, the heart ignites the fire, there must be that spark that fills life with energy, that motive that inspires the soul and that magic that makes you feel beautiful . Modestly and apart, some girls say, that I am a very handsome boy! Those who tell me in English, Handsome! but to edit my story and build my life and family, I need a woman who can see in me, more than just a handsome, intelligent, attractive guy; I need a girl that matches my feelings, my need and my vision of the future in the short, medium and long term, a girl who sees between her and me eternity in a shared life of the two. By Derwell J Fallu


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