President Donald Trump.

The wall of Berlin vs the wall of the United States of America.

The announcement of the fall of the Berlin Wall was great news that moved the world. The tons of concrete, which separated for a time two brother towns; two cities, one day they were torn down.

It is sad to see, that even in our days, although there is talk of building walls to separate peoples, there are worse walls that separate people, such as; racial hatred, intolerance, insensitivity not to see and worry about the needs of the people and the oppressed, among many others similar.

Many do not understand that the strongest walls that separate people and peoples are not those that are built with steel or cement, but that absence of true love. There is no more terrible wall to separate human beings, than when we do not have the capacity to love one another.

The current president of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump is known as one of the men of States, of our time, inspired by Faith and the fear of God. However, their reasons for the construction of the wall that divides the United States of Mexico and its immigration policy to separate families that fight for their right to a better future, do not speak very well of their Faith and their fear of God and less of the essence of true love for one’s neighbor.

Any nonsense people make a message that they usually call today, viral. But when it comes to a message with real content and substances that can serve to help consolidate the purposes that inspire unity and common welfare, there is laziness to make the message run and get where you need to go.

President Trump and all those who believe and support his project of the construction of the wall and its controversial immigration policy, are totally wrong. You can not be the decisions of those who profess to have God in their hearts or in their news. I call on President Trump to review his position on this important issue that is very strongly linked to his position and identity, first as a man of God and second as a statesman.

Also, I summon all the people committed to this truth and this message, so they can make it run until it reaches our President Trump.

Thank you very sincerely to all the accomplices who will make it possible for this message to come and touch the president in favor of love and those who need our voices to be heard in favor of the oppressed and those most in need.

By Derwell J Fallu


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